March 18, 2010

First Anniversary Thanks!


Today the first anniversary of Global Disney Pinvestigation. We are going to look back at some of the most popular or memorable series/posts of the first year. We hope you enjoy! And if you weren't part of the Pinvestigation team in the beginning here is a great time to go back and look at some of the first posts.

With almost 300 posts, we have a post almost every day, that is a lot for a blog that is only a year old. I have tried hard to promote and get this blog in the main stream, and for only a year, I feel that I have done a good job, for just only a year. Using many friends in the Disney and Pin Community, a special thanks goes to John Rick of the Central Jersey Pin Traders and Disney Pincast who helped promote the blog from the beginning, as well as and WDW News Today Podcast’s Tom Corless, and WEDway Radio’s Nate and Matt Parrish for all opportunities that you have given me this year. Also, a huge thanks goes out to AJ over at Disney Food Blog for not only the promotion, but also allowing me to pop in a few times to do some Disney Dining Food Reviews, and Stitch Kingdom for being a supporter and allowing me to have the BIGGEST post of the year. Thank You All the Readers of GDP! Over the year I set up a Twitter Account and a Facebook Account for the blog and me, and we have many followers and friends, thank you. And a great thanks to all of you my readers, new or old, thank you for making this enjoyable for me, and I hope you enjoy all of the posts.


Beginning on March 18th, 2009,I wanted to start with something interesting, yet familiar, so I chose my favorite attraction Expedition Everest, after much research, I decided to do a Matterhorn vs. Expedition Everest series. Here is a list of the corresponding posts:

The Snowy Mountains
Pinvestigative Reports: Matterhorn Bobsleds
Pics and Pins of the Matterhorn
Matterhorn Moving East?
Concept of the Forbidden Mountain
Pinvestigation: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
Pics and Pins of Everest
The Symbol of the Mountain
Similar Pins

In April 2009, we debuted our first series on a land. And it was a land that many didn’t know much about, Mysterious Island of Tokyo DisneySea. Chosen based on our first reader poll asking “Which park you, the readers, would like to see?”, and the overwhelming answer was Tokyo DisneySea, and we chose Mysterious Island.

In May 2009, we did a short series of two posts on the (then) recently reopened Mickey’s Fun Wheel, we did Mickey’s Fun Wheel Formally Sun Wheel, and Pics and Pins of the Wheel.

In June 2009, we covered both of that Summer’s Pin Events, O’Pin House, and we also did an in depth coverage of the Museum of Pin-tiquities with the Museums Many Logos, and three different Pics and Pins of Natural History, Art, and Science and Industry.

In July, GDP covered the additions to Hall of Presidents and Fantasmic! in a couple series, featuring the Hall of Presidents, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, and Fantasmic!

Between August 9th and September 9th GDP did the Month of Mansion. For the Haunted Mansion’s 40th Anniversary we covered the different Haunted Mansions of the World, as well as Pics and Pins of many of its famous residents. Check out the series of 25 posts here, be sure to keep going back to August 9th for the whole series.

October began the 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading, so we celebrated with some Popular Themes posts and Pins, Pins, Pins. But our highlight of the month was the Keys to the Kingdom Tour walk thru. I had taken the tour and blogged about it in THREE posts, Keys to the Kingdom, The Western Lands, and The End.

November was kind of a mellow month with a series on Space Mountain, and a few miscellaneous posts and reviews of the Wishes Dessert Party and the Grand Floridian Cafe.

December came with multiple holiday posts like our Pinvestigation series on some of the Holiday Happenings of Walt Disney World, such as the Candlelight Processional, and Holidays Around the World. To finish up the year, we did our first, Year in Review Four Part Series.

January of this year (2010) brought in a new series featuring “its a small world”, and our most talked about article, and most viewed article. Over 2 days, it brought in over 4,000 hits to the blog and was even tweeted by the LA Times, it was the GDP Special Report: the NEW Fantasyland Update!! This popular blog post has allowed us to explore deeper into the Fantasyland Expansion, and using the popularity, will be beginning a monthly Fantasyland Forest Friday Update. (Scheduled to be on the last Friday of the Month)

February brought a Parade of Parades, including posts on Mickey’s Jammin Jungle, Tapestry of Nations, and Stars and Motor Cars Parade.

That is basically the Year of Global Disney Pinvestigation in review. We hope you enjoyed, and maybe possibly learned new information. Over the past year, the GDP’s posts have changed and gotten a little off pins and onto just parks, but this new year I would like to get back to pins and meld the three, Parks, Pins and Vinylmations.

Once Again GDP Thanks You All For a Great and Unexpectingly Successful First Year!!!


GDPinvestigator Cody

And today to celebrate our First Anniversary we are doing a little Pinvestigation on some interesting First Anniversary Pins. Do you know what they are for??? Stay tuned tomorrow for the answers, and to find out the winners of our GDP Pin Puzzle from yesterday.

pin5413 pin6918 pin19839  pin75576

Once Again Thank You All for Your Support and Hope You Enjoy!

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