October 25, 2009

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival: A Photo Tour

This is a photo tour/report from the Food and Wine Festival from Saturday October 17th, 2009.

This is the entrance area to the park with the signage and themeing for this years festival, which is similar to last years Tables in Wonderland, but this has to do with CELEBRATING.100_1847The big festival map behind Pin Central, to help show guests where they are, and where they want to go. 100_1881The first food encounter we saw, (entering from Imagination) was the Flavorhood, an Edy’s Ice Cream sponsored pavilion, with seating and kind of a play area for children. 100_2039 100_2061100_2042The Athens, Greece pavilion…100_2040100_2058Montreal, Canada Pavilion… The first food stop on the tour around the lagoon.100_2041From Canada, Chicken Sausage, with Polenta and Raspberry Sauce.100_2046Up next,Wellington, New Zealand… 100_2047100_2048Lamb Slider with Tomato Chutney from New Zealand.100_2049100_2057100_2050100_2052100_2053100_2075100_2060100_2077New Orleans…100_2064100_2063Crawfish Etoufee, from New Orleans…100_2070100_2066Lobster Roll…100_2071100_2072100_2074100_2076100_2051Final Stop on our tour… Mexico City, Mexico.100_2065Chipotle Chicken on a Flour Tortilla…100_2078 Beef Taco…100_2079 Mexican Sunshine… (Non Alcoholic)100_2080 Good-Bye…100_1885

That is it… Stay Tuned for later this week we will conclude our WDW Trip series with the Wishes! Dessert Party… And this Halloween Week we will have a special Halloween Themed Series… Stay Tuned and i hope you Enjoy!


  1. Very nice Cody! I really enjoyed this..that lobster roll sure doesn't look like that one I had at Captains Grill! Tell me Cody, what did you have to eat at the Food and Wine Festival?
    Your friend Kathie D.

  2. I ate the chipotle chicken tortilla.. it was HOT