October 3, 2009

Weekly Pin News

Celebrating the 10 Years of Pin Trading, DisneyPins.com's Whats HapPINing has showed us some of the new decor around Disney Pin Traders in WDW...Also, this week we have found out what DeeBees are. "Legend tells of enchanted creatures named DeeBees who first visited Disney parks and Resorts many years ago. These fun-loving creatures so enjoyed the sights, sounds, thrills and magic that they moved into the place where dreams come true. Details about the DeeBees are shrouded in mystery. DeeBees are said to appear only after sunset and play throughout the night. Several types of DeeBees are thought to exist: "Travelers", who are not tied to anywhere specific; "Roamers", who make thier home in a general area; and "Settlers", who find a specific place they love and never leave. DeeBees take pride in dressing like and collecting things from the places in which they dwell. Finally, no one knows how many DeeBees exisit or where they may be found next. Based on these tales, we present our interpretation of the DeeBees via a new collection of Disney pins."

Also released for the 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading was the information on Pin Events around both US Disney Parks...The WDW Pin Celebration 2010 has been announced for August 27-29, 2010..

As well as a 10 hour pin trading event (most likely at both coasts) on October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), which is also the last day of the decade of Pin Trading...

The kickoff event for Disneyland's 10th Anniversary will take place on Feburary 17, 2010. It will be like the one we had here in WDW on October 1st.

The dates for Dateline Disneyland: 55 years of Memories is scheduled between June 5- August 5, 2010

In other Disneyland news, the October set of Hidden Mickeys has been revealed, and are showing up in the park... Villians and their pets.. personally, i LOVE this set and im not a villian or HM collector.

Finally in 10th Anniversary pin trading news, from DisneyPins.com there will be Unique Pin Collections..

Tribute Collection - Pay tribute to famous Disney pin designs with the "Tribute Collection." These over-sized pins feature stylized artwork based on popular, frequently traded or highly desired pins from the past 10 years of Disney Pin Trading. A unique collection will be released on each coast throughout the celebration.

Limited Edition 100s - Like the collection name implies, each pin in this soon-to-be-desired collection will have an edition size of 100. Two unique collections were created - one for Florida and one for California. From January to October 2010, a new pin will be released on the 10th of each month at Disney's Pin Traders.

The Chasers - "Do you have any chasers?" It's the question that everyone will be asking while trying to complete their pin collections in 2010. Several new mystery chaser collections will be released this coming year, including a specially designed Tenth Anniversary collection. The Tenth Anniversary mystery collection, releasing in January 2010, will have special pins only available for trade with Disney Cast Members. Let the chase begin!

In park news, the only thing BIG this week is in Disneyland and the opening of the Disney Gallery in the old Bank of Main Street.

Pics and Info from DisneyPins.com, DizpinsBoards.com, and MiceAge.com

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