October 13, 2009

Popular Themes: Figment 2.0

pin58216Today we take a look at MORE Figment pins, these ones are more recent… Also, im still looking for answers to WHY DO YOU LIKE FIGMENT?? Please comment here, or email answers to gdpinvestigator(at)gmail.com… Thanks.


2740140860_e6c5ffed44_odisney-vinylmation-park1-figment-THMpin72539pin22917pin25616pin32320       pin43265


pin47645 pin48813pin51803pin54315 pin54751pin56760   pin59704pin60296pin67943pin72344 That is it for today… Stay Tuned Tomorrow for our continuation of our Pins, Pins, Pins Series as we take a look at the coveted Flubber Pin… If you have the Flubber Pin, please tell us why do you think this pin is SOOO coveted.

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