October 14, 2009

Pins, Pins, Pins: Flubber


Being released on September 24, 2000, it seems to be one of the FIRST surprise pins. In fact, it is the THIRD ‘mystery’ pin released by Disney in WDW. It was also one of the LOWEST Edition sized pins of the time at only 500. Which at a time where most of the pins were LE 5000, or even just Open Edition, this was unheard of. Because of that, many pin traders (original) got this pin in a heart beat. Since at the time it was a low edition, people thought they would be good traders, and they are, still today.

Even though many of the original pin traders from October 1999 seem to have switched hobbies, people still covet this pin, and no one really knows why. It was made about a lackluster movie with ok ticket sales. It still baffles many. Maybe it was the simplicity, or even just the fact it was NUMBER 3 Mystery Pin.

As apart of the 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading, and the Tribute Collection, the Flubber 2000 pin will be featured.


If you have any reasons why you think this pin is SOO popular, please tell us.. Or if you have this pin.. How did you get it? Buy? Trade? Please tweet or just comment here… Also please vote in our BLOG POLL.

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