October 10, 2009

Weekly Pin News

Today we have a very short version of WPN, but is JAMMED packed with cool previews from Whats HapPINing this week...
First off we have actual preview of a 2010 POM set, that is the double pin collection, which we previewed in the beginning of August.Also previewed was an open edition pin coming out at both DLR and WDW featuring Mickey and either of the castles...Also, for DLR is a new PoM set with Tinkerbell and the Birthstone of the MonthWe also have some new 2-pins featuring Mickey shaped foods...Today from WH is Trade City Preview...Concept art of a scupltBackercard designsBorders

And iconsAs i said earlier, this is a SHORT one,but stay tuned for more posts this weekend.. featuring a conclusion to the Spaceship Earth series and a new Pins Pins Pins series...

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