October 23, 2009

Sum of All Thrills

                      100_1850The new Innoventions attraction opened on Wednesday October 14th, the day before I arrived at WDW. So when i arrived at Epcot, i went to the attraction to see what it was, expecting the line to be outrageously long, it wasn’t that much at all. (NOTE: I also went on Saturday the line was a bit longer, but i would say from entering the line to exiting the attraction, it was MAYBE 25 minutes.)

Near the attractions entrance you have a mock up of the “vehicle” that you would be sitting in, for you to see if it is too “claustrophobic” for you, etc. (below)100_1880Once in line you move past this plexiglass windows that allow you to look at the four KUKA Robotic Arms that the ride takes place on. It is interesting to watch them go through the movements, and you can see the different ones, to me its amazing.100_1877100_1851100_1879

Once to the Pre Show area called the “Briefing Room” (below) you are given a number and made to stand on that number in the room, it also tells you which station to go to when your done with the preshow.100_1852When you enter the Pre Show, you are handed the card (below) which you load your rollercoaster on.100_1869Once in the Pre Show, you are shown this, (in my opinion) kind of interesting video on what Raytheon actually does. Then you are shown what to do when you get to your Design Station.100_1854100_1856After the Pre Show is done, the doors to the left open and reveal the 8 design stations. You choose your language…100_1857Choose what type of rollercoaster… (the first time i did Bobsled, 2nd time i did Rollercoaster)100_1858Chose your first “effect”/thrill.100_1859Used your interactive ruler to control the height.100_1860If too high the ENERGY level will let you know with the RED bar over the white line.100_1861Chose 2nd thrill…100_1862Used ruler to get height.100_1864After adding a final thrill, you get to choose a name… From choosing a ADJECTIVE then a NOUN… Ours (the Bobsled) was called ICY TOREDO.100_1866Once finished designing your attraction,  you are directed to a Platform, either A or B.100_1868While waiting to board your KUKA arm, you listen to this Safety Video.100_1870If you ever want to stop the attraction just hit the BIG BLACK BUTTON!100_1871While at top boarding ledge you can see the “Control station” and the other arms moving. Before boarding, you are given a locker in which you are suppose to put all your stuff in, even things from pockets.100_1873100_2091People boarding their KUKA Robotic Arm and being closed in by the Cast Member.100_2081

Overall REVIEW: Good attraction for Innoventions and is different. Definitely has repeatability factor. But, if it was an attraction on its own it would be ok, but since its in Innoventions its REALLY GOOD! So overall grade from me is: A-

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