October 24, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

Our first piece of news this week is something i found while searching the internet. New D23 Banners. Could these be new and upcoming button set? I hope so, they looks so cool. I wish i could get a poster size of the Lilo and Stitch one. app_full_proxy2 (Pictures from D23.com Facebook.app_full_proxyapp_full_proxy6app_full_proxy3app_full_proxyCARRDG35

In pin previews, Whats HapPINing previewed a new lanyard coming out in Summer 2010, presumably in both coasts.Blog_20091021_Lanyard

Also previewed was some new New Years Pins being released on December 31 and January 1.

The first picture is of Chip and Dale set this 2 pin set (each sold separately) will be released around New Years Eve, being released at Disneyland Resort.Blog_20091023_NewYearC&D

This set is of 2 LE pins that will be featured as a Two-Pin-on a Card “set” as they will both be on the card, also being released in Disneyland Resort.Blog_20091023_NewYear 

This final preview comes from DisneyParksBlog.com with a feature from Steven Miller, it features some previews of upcoming pins in the Tribute Collection. The first picture is of the FIRST Spanish pin featuring the Monorail spiel in Spanish, coming out in WDW next year as apart of the WDW Tribute Collection. Tribute01pinLARGE2 

In this final picture, it is a preview of 2 upcoming DLR Tribute Collection pins, featuring a 50th Anniversary pin, and the Fantasmic Cast Lanyard Global pin.Tribute02pinLARGE

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