June 3, 2010

An Electric Move to Tokyo



Debuting on March 9, 1985, Tokyo Disneyland had a electrical parade most of its 26 years. With the debut of the Main Street Electrical Parade in 1985 it ran thru Tokyo Disneyland until June 21, 1995.

--Running from 1985-1995 the original Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade featured:

-Blue Fairy
-Casey Jr. Circus Engine
-Alice in Wonderland
-Swan Lake (a new addition with four swans each decreasing in size)
-Peter Pan
-Dumbo Circus
-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
-Pete's Dragon
-It's a Small World
-Farewell Float (1995)

pin17051 pin17073

As you can see much of the original parade was a copy of the Disneyland and Magic Kingdom versions. In 1995 Disney's Fantillusion, a parade version of Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios' Fantasmic!, but only stayed for six years, and left in early 2001. Unlike a normal parade, this was suppose to be a ‘streetacular’ similar to what Disneyland’s ill-fated, one season running nighttime show, Light Magic. But this was more surprising, and much more accepted than Light Magic. (Pictures Below from Laughing Place)

pin4306 P01-1 P01-3 P01-4 P02-1 P02-2 P03-2 P04-1 P04-2 P05-2 P05-3 P06-3 P06-4 P07-2 P07-4 P08-1 P08-2 P08-4 P09-4

The Electrical Parade returned to Tokyo debuting on June 17, 2001, but it was a bit different than the original version, this version was titled: DreamLights, featuring some old and new floats and favorites. (Pictures from JTCent)

***Blue Fairy
***Knights of Light
***Mickey's DreamLight Train
-Alice in Wonderland (instead of the original 6 float unit, it was updated to a 5 units, very different from original, which ran in the DL and MK versions)
***Alice on Cheshire Cat
***Lady Bug
***Mr. and Mrs. Snail
-Peter Pan's Pirate Ship
-Show White and Seven Dwarfs
***Snow White
***Dwarves (updated, larger mine cars)
-Pete's Dragon
-Winnie the Pooh
-Toy Story
-Beauty and the Beast
-A Bug's Life
-Swans (from original TDL EP)
-Cinderella (original from TDL EP)
-It's a Small World Finale


   pin5506 pin12356 pin13790 pardrmp03 pardrmp05 pardrmp07 pardrmp09 pin61704 pardrmp11

pin63407  pardrmp14 pardrmp17 pin61703 pardrmp18 pardrmp20 pardrmp22 pardrmp23 pardrmp25 pin64136 pardrmp27 pardrmp30 pardrmp31 pardrmp35 pardrmp37 pardrmp39 pardrmp42 pardrmp43 pardrmp44 pardrmp45

pardrmp47 pardrmp49 pardrmp50 pardrmp52  pardrmp57 pardrmp60

pin64784 pardrmp63

Then in March 2007, the parade was refurbished and updated with the addition and removal of some floats. First, the Bug's Life Unit was removed from the parade to make room for the Monster's Inc and Finding Nemo units. Also, the Cinderella Unit was updated from five sections to three, and the swans were moved from in front of the unit to behind it. Finally some of the float units were rearranged in the makeover of this parade.

P2-0001    P2-0003 



 P3-0002 P3-0004 P3-0005

The pins throughout the post represent the floats. The two pictures before the parade procession pictures are from 2001 the first is a logo pin and the second is a box set featuring some of the famous floats from this updated Electrical Parade. The individual pins throughout the pictures are pins from a Tokyo Disney Resort Pin of the Month Collection, released in 2008. Those are the only ones released, Disney said they were doing one for each float, but they never came to be, and only had those six.

Pictures and Information Courtesy of Jtcent, Laughing Place and Pin Pics

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