June 6, 2010

Reader’s Choice!

Dear GDP Readers,

I’m in the midst of planning my Summer Blogging Season (July- Early September), and I want YOU, the reader’s of GDP, to have  your voice heard. For the month of August, I want to make it Reader’s Choice Month, but I can only have that if you, my over 2,000 readers per month, to help decide.

In August, I want you the readers to choose, and give me what YOU WANT to read, learn about. Have wanted to learn more about a Tokyo Disney attraction? Land? Show? Parade? Wanted to ask a question, but too shy to ask? Or what about your favorite movie? This is your chance, for the month of August I will (try) to have a Reader’s Choice Month, where I blog about what YOU the readers want.

Here is how it will happen. First, you will send me your choices for the following ‘categories’ Blog Series (multiple postings), Monday (and Tuesday) Movies, Retro Lookback, Wonderful World of Weenie Wednesday, and Vinylmation Connection, by email, tweeting or even just posting here in the comments section. (All Entries Due By Thursday July 1st 10pm EST). Then each week in July I will have the weekly GDP Blog Poll have the selections that YOU all picked to be voted on you YOU the readers of GDP. The winner of each category will finally be blogged about.

So now your wondering, How do I get to Share My Opinions? Well here is your answer, you can either A) Email them to me at gdpinvestigator@gmail.com, Tweet me/Direct Message Me @gdpinvestigator, Leave Me a Message on Facebook, leave a comment here on THIS posting, OR finally, our newest way of communication our FormSpring.

Now that you know how to do it, PLEASE Help us out, we want this to be about our Reader’s and your choices. Also, if you have any dying questions you want to ask about the blog? Or anything Disney Related you can check out our Form Spring OR email them, and I will be doing (if we get enough) a special posting in the month of August with all your questions.

Can’t Wait To Hear From You All!


Pinvestigator Cody

P.S. Reminder: We can’t do this Reader’s Choice without YOU! All entries are to be submitted (at the various outlets) no later than July 1st at 10pm EST!

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