June 5, 2010

An Electrical Conclusion

Back to the Electrical Parade originally from Disneyland, it has made appearances out of the Disney Parks.
The first was at the 1978 Orange Bowl. On January 1, 1978, the Electrical Parade was presented during the halftime show of the Miami Orange Bowl.
The show included three units:

--Alice in Wonderland Unit (the original unit from Disneyland, with all the floats)
--Pete's Dragon
--Baroque Hoedown dance units at the end

The second appearance was in New York City on June 14, 1997 at the Premiere of Hercules at the New Amsterdam Theater. Called "The Hercules Electrical Parade". Disney arranged the lights off on about 8 blocks of Broadway up to the theater. All the businesses complied, except for Warner Brothers. It was lead by a custom Hercules title unit, made for a one time use only. The floats were ran on Generator power, as opposed to the normal battery power. This caused problems:

1) the second Pinocchio float went mostly dark before it got on the parade route
2) the Pete's Dragon and Honor America floats were partially along the way.

This parade was the whole parade with the addition of the Hercules unit.

The new units made for this parade were:

--Hercules and Pegasus
--Greek Temple

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