June 12, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

This will be a quick WPN as there really isn’t that much information and previews, just a few!

Lets begin with the Pin Previews, as normal! (All Previews from What’s HapPINing Blog)

Lets show this Kitchen Sink pin to be released this month at Walt Disney World. 400000419503

This next preview was previewed about a week ago, and it slipped through. This pin will be released for the Captain EO debut at Epcot, notice it will just be titled “Captain EO”, and will not be a TRIBUTE like in Disneyland. Blog_20100601_CaptainEO

The preview, released by the blog as a preview for Nation Donut Day last weekBlog_20100604_Donuts

Our next preview, is a new mystery set coming out in the future featuring colorful (mosaic-esque) characters.Blog_20100605_ColorfulCharacters

Figment fans rejoice, a new Figment pin will be released soon, check it out!Blog_20100605_FigmentRainbow

Our final pin preview is a DVC Exclusive Halloween pin. With this the blog announced that the DVC exclusive Star Wars Weekends pins are all sold out!Blog_20100610_DVCHalloween

Onto our Vinylmation News sponsored by Vinylmation Connection, a Vinylmation-based discussion forum where you can Connect with the latest Vinylmation News, Information, and Rumors.


Here’s the latest Vinylmation News (News and Information from Official Vinylmation Blog and Vinylmation Connection):

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A Hint at What’s To Come in Vinylmation Jr. #2
Oh Mickey! Vinylmation Jrs To Become Keychains
NOAH World of Color Vinylmation News

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