June 24, 2010

Vinylmation Connection: Toy Story

As a conclusion for this Month of Toy Story we will be doing our Vinylmation Connection to this past month. Originally having only four Vinylmation figures for this feature this week, but on Tuesday with the release of the WHOLE Toy Story Series at the most recent Disney Store “Imagination Park” in Montebello, CA, we now have a WHOLE SET to do a Vinylmation Connection with.

Let’s start at the ‘beginning’ (well… kinda)! The first Toy Story themed figure that was released as a Vinylmation was the Little Green Man from the Toy Story movie series, this figure was a rather popular one. Released as apart of Park Series #2, this three-inch figure was released in Spring 2009, and is now retired, and guests no longer have the ability to purchase from Disney at Park stores, or Online.


The second Toy Story-inspired figure was released in Early 2010 as apart of the Big Eye series, an open-windowed, 3 Inch, Open Edition set. This Buzz Lightyear-inspired figure has the face placed on the back, like the rest of the set, and the head and arms of the figure is Clear, and is inspired by Buzz’s helmet.


The other two Toy Story-inspired figures were released recently, in Early June 2010, as apart of the Thomas Scott’s Vinylmation Jr. Series #2. This series is know as a ‘Character Color Block’ Series with no distinct faces, just various colors and designs that represent the figure. These 1.5-inch figure/keychains are also popular.

VinylJr16      VinylJr02

The final Vinylmations that are featured today are the most recent ones, released just at the beginning of this week, the Toy Story series. This set of 12 three-inch, blind-boxed figures is the first set to be solely based on a single movie, and not various themes. The set is also the first set to have ‘additions’ to the figures, such as hats for Woody and Jessie, a Helmet for Buzz Lightyear, and a horn for Buttercup.

Here are pictures of the whole set, all 12 figures (including the chaser). (For More Information on this set, be sure to check out Vinylmation Station or VMStation on Twitter)


Res      HAmm      GreenArmyMan

Bullseye      Jessie      Wheezy

BigBaby      Lotso      Buttercup


The set features:

    1. Woody
    2. Buzz Lightyear
    3. Jessie
    4. Bullseye
    5. Green Army Man
    6. Rex
    7. Wheezy
    8. Hamm
    9. Lotso
    10. Buttercup
    11. Big Baby
    12. Evil Dr. Porkchop (Chaser)

It is also rumored that there are two 9-inch figures for this set, including a Evil Emperor Zurg figure and a Little Green Man figure that will be released at a later date (to be announced, not official).

This final Vinylmation is a Vinylmation that will be coming out soon. It will (rumored) to be apart of Park Series #5, the 3-inch figure is inspired by the Buzz Lightyear AstroBlaster attraction in Disneyland.


Remembering back to the beginning of the month, we DID do a quick series on the various Buzz Lightyear attractions, here they are, incase you missed it.

Pictures and Information from Official Vinylmation Website

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