June 4, 2010

The Fantillusion of Paris


Ever since the opening of the Disneyland Paris, originally EuroDisney, it has had a Electric Parade, one of two. Since opening on April 12, 1992 it had Main Street Electrical Parade until March 23, 2003. In that run the parade had the many classic floats and units as its predecessors at the other Magic Kingdom Style Theme parks. One piece of trivia that happened in Disneyland Paris with the Main Street Electrical Parade is that it ran once during the day in Disneyland Paris, during a Solar Eclipse, and it was scheduled to run down Main Street at Noon.


Then in late 2003, Disney's Fantillusion debuted in Paris after moving from Tokyo. Disney's Fantillusion is concepted to be a parade version of Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios' Fantasmic! The parade unfolds as three distinct Acts. Tinkerbell (no longer on roller-skates due to the cobbled Main Street U.S.A.) and Mickey herald the arrival of the parade, as they welcome guests to the ball. The appearance of Mickey under a rainbow of color and dressed in a lighted suit, highlights the importance of the "Gift of Light” to the proceedings. Immediately in their wake, an enchanted garden populated by fairies, butterflies, dragonflies and fanciful creatures. At the first show mode, the Enchanted Garden Carrousel float pauses to part its dark curtains, revealing Goofy and Pluto. In the original version, there were several Garden floats, revealing a whole host of classic Disney characters. However, there is no room for Donald, Daisy, Chip and Dale in the Paris incarnation.(Pictures from Laughing Place)


It includes three units:

-Mickey's Magical Garden-
-Villains Take Over-
-The Happy Ending-

01Mick1 02cDisneyMickfloat 04title 06Garden2 07cDisneyCarrouselfloat 11merryweather 20DisneyMalFloat 23seacreatures 24cDisneyursula 42cDisneylittlemerfloat 45bb2 46cDisneyaladdinfloat 50cDisney%20minnieFloat

On to the pins. The first is to commemorate the debut of this parade on July 5, 2003. The second pin is a pin from the History series for Disneyland Paris' 15th Anniversary. And the third pin is the only pin (other than the logo Rainbow Mickey pin) that features a float from the parade, featuring Maleficent, and her transformation into the Dragon.pin23419 pin59617


Pictures and Information from Laughing Place and Pin Pics

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