June 2, 2010

Electricity in the Kingdom


After leaving Disneyland from its original run, the Main Street Electrical Parade moves over to the Magic Kingdom in Florida. Having the same layout, name and music, this parade ran from June 11, 1977 to September 14, 1991. Then in 1991 the classic Electrical Parade was replaced by SpectroMagic parade. Which then ran from 1991 to 1999. Then once again in May 28, 1999 the Main Street Electrical Parade returned for a limited engagement in the Magic Kingdom until April 1, 2001. Which then again was replaced the next day with the returning of SpectroMagic. SpectroMagic will end its over 10 year run on June 5th as it takes a break, the Main Street Electrical Parade will run from June 6th to August 14th for the Summer Nightastic! event. The reincarnation in Magic Kingdom will feature some of the returning favorite floats as well as ones that haven’t been seen in Magic Kingdom since the beginning.

pin43246 pin48570 pin49813

In the two runs of Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom the parade line ups was:

-Blue Fairy
-Casey Jr. Circus Engine
-Toy Soldiers (added to this parade from the Disneyland version)
-Alice in Wonderland Unit
-Cinderella Unit
-Peter Pan Unit (ran from 1999-2001, the second run)
-Dumbo's Circus Unit
**The normal unit from the original was ran in the first fun, then in 1999 the four ring circus with Dumbo and Clown was added
-Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (came in second run, from 1999-2001)
**full Dwarf mine with all Seven Dwarfs (first run, 1977-1991)
**Dopey Mine Cars (second run, 1999-2001)
-Pete's Dragon
-It's A Small World (different from Disneyland version, added in first run and didn't return from second)
-Disney Neon Finale (only in 1977)
-To Honor America (replaced Disney Neon finale in 1979 and ran rest of first run until 1991 and returned for 2nd run in 1999)

Then in the SpectroMagic parade, the floats changed with the theme and was more directed to more classic Disney films and really still are the same now:

-Title Unit
-Music Unit
**originally Roger Rabbit, was later replaced with Genie in 2001, after Main Street Electrical Parade 
-Sleeping Beauty Garden Unit
-Under the Sea Unit
**Giant Fish
**Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, and King Triton
-Fantasia Unit
**Spinning Hippo
**Baracus Fountain with Ostriches
**Flying Horses
**Carousel (lights change from color to white)

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0400-112 0400-114 0400-121 0400-129 0500-101 0500-106 0550-099 0550-104 0550-110 0600-104 0600-105d 0600-116 0600-119 0600-128

On to the pins of the Electrical Parades. First are the several farewell pins for the Main Street Electrical Parade released in 2001. pin2361 pin3985 pin4183 pin4553  pin54805 pin55873

These final pins represent the SpectroMagic parade. All of these pins feature two famous floats or characters of the parade, the Whirly Clown Men, and the Mickey Static Float.



pin19288 pin35888 pin48110

This pin was released in a series in 1991 for a series on the 20th Anniversary of the Magic Kingdom, this features the Whirly Clown Men. Which personally I think were scary to begin with, then in 2008 when they switched to no masks made them even scarier. What do you all think?



This pin celebrates the 15th Anniversary of SpectroMagic Parade and features both well known and famous elements, the Mickey Float and the Whirly Spectro Clown.


Pictures and Information from Laughing Place and PinPics

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